Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jenni Bowlin

Big fans of the vintage designs from Jenni Bowlin - visions of apple pie and family...

 Jenni Bowlin 2009 6x6 Die-cuts and Jenni Bowlin Vintage Paper/Red Floral

Jenni Bowlin Farmer's Wife Journaling Cards and this great Jenni Bowlin Farmer's Wife Die-cut -red with a little orange.

Jenni Bowlin Vintage Paper/Black Bird, Jenni Bowlin Alpha Stickers/Black Ledger and Jenni Bowlin Label Strip Stickers/Black.

Jenni Bowlin Label Frame Chipboard Set and Jenni Bowlin Bird Chipboard Set.

Jenni Bowlin Chipboard Buttons and Jenni Bowlin Paper/Brown Jumbo Flower.

Jenni Bowlin Vintage Paper/Red Floral -I love this paper it really stands out.
Jenni Bowlin Vintage Red Journaling Cards.

To see all Jenni Bowlin's products in the store click here.

As a note: we're having web issues with our youtube videos on the product description page.  It comes up saying unsecured site -it's NOT unsecure, but our web guys are having a time keeping the pop up from displaying on these pages.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.  Along with this, we have taken the BlueBlog link off the site while it to is having issues.  Heard of Murphys Law? These are both Google products not working well with our site at this time but will be corrected in short order.

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