Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! We went to my favorite spot -the Mesquite Growers Nursery. If you live in Tucson this is the garden spot to visit for all your plants.

These are all roses! Roses grow well in the desert because we have so little rain they don't get mildew spots. They also love the sun like we do.

PaloVerde Tree flowers.
Check out the metal umbrella, very artsy!

These are the cutest huge frogs.

We are here for a tomato plant.

Is this not a wonderful planter! Fairies must live there.

Jake found the perfect tomato plant.

They have the most beautiful water fountains all over the nursery -perfect to cool us off.

Elsie's face I telling me enough of the heat already, lets go home.

They have this enormous Mesquite tree for shade.

Here are our 2 plants -next year we'll come back in March when we can look around longer -it's just too hot today- 100.

I love Mothers Day.

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Velma said...

Your "little ones" are adorable.