Saturday, October 31, 2009

7gypsies Week at BlueMoonScrapbooking

We changed our minds about yesterday being the last 7gypsies giveaway -a girl can change her mind can't she? Todays giveaway - 50 sheets of 7gypsies papers hopefully enough to satifiy some of your naked journals!
To enter this 7gypsie Paperie extravaganza, answer this question - Should we do a 7gypsies week again next year?

Giveaway shipping is free to US residents only.

Friday's winner is: lillianchild
I would use it to build a fort by taping a sheet around our kitchen table and my grandson and I could sit beneath and dream that we are in an enchanted forest fishing - and the lake is filled with gaffer tape!
Email so we can ship your goodies to you.

If you've been reading the comments we have the most creative bloggers coming to our Blog you should know you're one of them! This was a personal favorite comment today so I thought I'd post it for all to read:
Junebugpins wrote:
"As I wandered into the side street, I suddenly kicked something with my foot....
It rolled right into a drain on the curb. Kneeling down and peeking into the drain...I had suddenly found a crowd peering there with me~
Inside that the little side street...somewhere in Italy....was a sight to behold....
Filled to the Brim with rolls of gaffer tape. Everyone around was able have a roll. Gaffer decorating Party started! Some place it on their travel journal binders...some lined the pages of phone books in near by phone booths.
The side street became a colorful adornment of gaffer tape all over!
And..with my last little bit, I taped the hole in the store owners shirt pocket which made all of us SMILE! :c)

Enjoyed Marion's I know what the border punch is used for! :c) "

The SALE today is 10% off ALL 7gypsies items. Use code 7g in the comments section when checking out.

Go over to the Design Team Blog to see Kristin's 7gypsies video going up later today-she had a little sneak peek yesterday. Wendy made a shadow box video!

For our announcement... you're the first to hear it... we're going to expand our design team!
We are looking for 4/5 design team members!
The members will begin in January after the holidays -when you'll probably have more time -LOL.
I'll give more info next week with all the details.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

7gypsies Week at BlueMoonScrapbooking

Thursday's winner is: divester ...
The front of my journal would have the Sheena market paper, I would use the Princesca ATC & Photo Display tags (love them). I would add some of the seam bindings to the page and finish it off with the Vintage hardware (clock and keys) and use the antique keys as accessories. I love 7 gypsies products!!!!
Email so we can ship you the goodies!

Todays giveaway is our last for 7gypsies week. What a blast reading all these fabulous gypsy comments - I'm sure going to miss reading them.
Leave a comment today to enter: You are a gypsy and you just ventured into a little paperie on a side street, off the main boulevard, and found a roll of gaffer tape -what are you going to do with it?

Giveaway shipping is free to US residents only.

Come back tomorrow, our last day for the 7gypsies Week giveaways and a special BlueMoon announcement.

Today ALL 7gypsies items are 10% off, use the same code as yesterday 7g in the coupon section when checking out.

Check over at the Design Team Blog and see Marion Smith's new 7gypsies video!

I finished this layout sort of... Once I found this picture, which I like because it was sewing related. I sewed my daughter this mini sling for her dolls to match her baby sling I had made for myself. Now we each have one for our baby dolls-LOL.
I thought I should use some of the fabric from the sling, but after rummaging all through the house -I can't find it. Elsie was playing with it, so she probably has it tucked in somewhere. To finish this layout I want to use that fabric and sew it on the page. I'm going to sew on the photograph and let the edges hang open.

I used a 7gypies tag and a 97% Complete Sticker for the window.

Blend on some Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Milled Lavendar on the tag, edge with a little brown.

The tape ribbon I've had for a long time, but you could use 7gyspies new printed tape which looks just like the ribbon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

7gypsies Week at BlueMoonScrapbooking

Wednesdays Winner is: Blog Follower Cindy Welch! Email so we can mail you the Binderie Kit!

To enter todays giveaway.... you are still a gypsy (I hope your friends don't know this secret life you've been leading). You're traveling thru the south of France for the first time. You are going to chronicle your journey... how will you decorate the cover of this special journal.

Giveaway shipping is free to US residents only.

Todays sale is 10% off all 7gyspies ATC products. Use the code 7g in the coupon section.

My 7gypsies Photo Carousel has been expanding regularly. Marion, from the Design Team, is hooked to her Photo Carousel, as well. It's so easy and fun to make a card. Someitmes I do front and back sometimes I leave it blank in hopes of putting a photo there later. I've even given backs to my son to paint -so it's a family thing!

No photo to put up today? How about cutting a favorite piece of paper and using that as
a stand alone just for color! You can journal on the backside, add some Tim Holtz Stickles,
maybe a tad of paint here and there or just leave it blank as I did.

Use your NEW 7gypsies border punch to (easy as butter) punch some cuts and you're done.
Is this scrapbooking? This is too easy... I should have made this much more complicated especially since I know you're looking a for a time consuming project-LOL.

We just receive the newest Hambly Screen Print Transparencies-oooh, they are so nice.
Making a Photo Carousal Card, I cut the brown one over (1) inch on the side so it hangs out.
Using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Brown Paint -I brushed a little around the egdes. When dry, I sewed around the edges being very messy and leaving stray thread pieces here and there. At the top is a Tim Holtz small metal clip -boy these are cute! I hung a 7gypsies pearl dangle from that.
Now... I need to finish this. I'm not going to leave it in my hugh unfinished pile -LOL. I'll finish it tonight and show you the finished card tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7gypsies Week at BlueMoonScrapbooking

Tuesday's giveaway winner is: Beth P "ooo only 3 items? lol

Well, I guess I would def need an album to journal and scrapbook my travels. A borders punch and maybe a cute knob for my book."

Today's giveaway - become a BlueBlog follower and, YES, you could win this
Binderie Punch kit. If you already a follower, then you are automatically entered.

You'll need to contact us to say "I'm the winner!" within 24 hours after it is posted.
Come back to the Blog everyday to see if you won!!!!
Giveaway shipping is free to US residents only.

Tuesday and Wednesday sale is 20% off all 7gypsies papers use the code papers in the coupon section before checkout and then hit apply.

Kristin Frost will be posting a video on the design team blog later today.

Being a gypsy in the house, not traveling much, this is what I've been playing with when I am not making a 7gypsies Photo Carousal Cards. This is my 7gyspies photo display in the works. I haven't finished it yet because I want to change it and make it red and green for Christmas. I have a big bow at the top and I'm looking for just the right one to replace it later-this gives me a good item to shop for - maybe a flea market find!

Don't have a fabulous picture you want to display right now? What about making cards with quotes or adding your favorite goodies to cards -this way you'll display your favorites out in the open not just in a draw. Use your favorite stamps, ribbons, the rub-ons you love the most -you can spin it around and look at it all the time.

Some must have 7gypsies jewels -this one I dabbed Alcohol Ink on it and added a rubbing.

Lots of fibers and ribbons are essential and pretty. Pull out your Basic Grey Fibers, which I know you all have extra from past projects. If you don't have any -oh no.. pick some up before they are all gone. Basic Grey doesn't make the fibers any more!

Great place to display those your small crafted items. This one I did on a video using the 7gypsies wax seal, which is great to use - especially during holidays for a special touch. A 7gypsies dangle hangs from it.

How about displaying tags your friends have made you -they make the display interesting and a reminder of friends and family.

There are so many items you can add to this to make it unique. You might even have to go shopping for some old, rare and fun items that draw your attention and your pocket book! Don't spend so much that you blow your scrapbooking at BlueMoon budget though!
I'd love to see your photo display -send me emails of them, link to your blog, or post in the gallery (my personal favorite idea!!! ) I'll blog some of the displays here. We can never have enough good photos from my favorite bloggers.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7gypsies Week at BlueMoonScrapbooking

The lucky winner of Sunday's giveaway goes to:
"I Love your blog and I love 7gypsies ...posted here"

The winner of Monday's Giveaway is:
"If I were a gypsy, you could find me wandering the coastlines of Europe on the Mediterranean Sea in brilliant jewelry and braided hair. The warm sands, the delicious foods, cool water on my toes... I could go right now."

Email scott@bluemoonscrapbooking so we can ship your goodies to you!

Today's giveaway - Make a comment answering -
Your a gypsy and the old rugged trunk in your caravan is PACKED full of vintage finds, lovely shoes, trinkets, jewelry... I can see thousands of purchases in there! Now you only have room for 3 7gypsy products! Oh no... what are you going to take with you for the rest of your journey?

You'll need to contact us to say "I'm the winner!" within 24 hours after it is posted.
Come back to the Blog everyday to see if you won!!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday sale is 20% off all 7gypsies papers use the code papers in the coupon section before checkout and then click apply.

Check on the Design Team Blog to see Marion's 7gypsies video-actually check most days, if not everyday, to see what Marion is creating!

Giveaway shipping is free to US residents only.

Monday, October 26, 2009

7gypsies Week at BlueMoonScrapbooking

Yesterdays giveaway is still going on -if you post in more than one place -come back (to yesterdays post) and enter your name again! Looking for another place to post -how about on a forum. Brenda had a great idea she said" I posted to everyone on my e-mail address because I am not a member of twitter or facebook." Winner will be announced tomorrow!

To enter todays giveaway leave a comment answering this question: If you were a gypsy where would you most like to travel?
This giveaway has a 7gyspies Border Punch, an album kit and more.

You'll need to contact us to say "I'm the winner!" within 24 hours after the winner is posted. Come back to the Blog everyday to see if you won!!!!

We've added some 7gypsies kits at super pricing for this special occasion click here to see them.

Check out Melanie's blog post on the design team blog today-a gorgeous 7gypsies layout!
Also, Marion made a 7gypsies video using the 7gypsy border punch -very cool!

Giveaway shipping is free to US residents only.

If you love Tattered Angels, Maya Mists or Ranger Ink Color Wash as much as I do - check out One Little Word Blog for some fab ideas.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

7gypsies Week at BlueMoonScrapbooking

What a week we have in store for you! We are excited to announce 7gypsies Week at BlueMoon. "Spiced Tea" this weeks scrapbooking kit is a 7gypsies kit.

This kit gave me the idea to have a 7gypsies week. We have daily giveaways, 7gypsies sales, 7gypsies specially designed and priced kits, and daily inspiration from our fabulous design team.

Each day will bring a different giveaway and easy rules. The winners will be choosen the day after the giveaway, unless noted. You'll need to contact us to say "I'm the winner!" within 24 hours after it is posted. Jump up and down when you win... be careful when you land, you're not 20 anymore!
Come back to the Blog everyday!!!!

Today we'll start off with a enter you'll need to go to your Facebook, Twitter, forum/club or your blog and post about this contest... come back and leave a message that you posted and tell us where.
This contest ends Tuesday 10/27 - gives you a few days to post about 7gypsies week. I'll randomly pick a number from the comments.
If you'd like a BlueMoon logo click here to go to where you can pull one of our logos. Some people can pull the logos right off this blog-try that first!

Take a look at this jammed packed kit giveaway - $70.00!

1. Post somewhere about 7gypsies week.
2. Come back here and leave a comment as to where you posted.
3. Check back Tuesday for winner of this kit.
4. Come back tomorrow for another giveaway.

Good Luck!!!!

20% off SALE - The 7gypsies Border Punch is on sale for $19.99 and
The Binderie Punch is on sale for $29.99 thru Saturday!

Giveaway shipping is free to US residents only.
7gypsies Week at BlueMoon

We love 7gypsies - totally unique products and hardware always with the distinctive traveled, aged, Vintage look. Our 7gypsies Week includes - Blog Giveaways, specially priced 7gypsies kits, sales, and Design Team inspiration all with a 7gypsies theme. Everything kicks off today and runs thru Saturday. We have 2 items 20%off All week - the 7gypsies Binderie Punch and the 7gypsies Border Punch. Both are wonderful tools - if you already have one, this makes a great gift on Sale! Please Join in the Fun - start at the BlueBlog for the latest.

Little Yellow Bicycle - 25 Days of Christmas

New to the store this week - 25 Days of Christmas from Little Yellow Bicycle. Wonderful collection with traditional red and green, and the ringed chipboard album is a favorite. Great detail on all the Little Yellow Bicycle products, example the die-cut cards have embossed numbers taking it from nice to "way cool". Take a look...

Hambly Studios - Hambly Screen Prints

Outstanding overlays - just fabulous to work with. Happy, happy to add Hambly Screen Prints to the store. The designs are great, the overlays are thick-sturdy, and you can do sooo much with a single 12x12 sheet. Lisa has a Hambly overlay worked into a 6x6 album for Elsie that just "makes" the album. Try a least one design and see - the overlay will end up in a number of your creative projects. Take a look...

American Crafts Buttons and Brads

We ordered some American Crafts buttons and brands intending to use them primarily for BlueMoon kits. But, once the package was opened and we started playing with the buttons we knew these had to go up for sale. Fabulous accents, they are like Prima Flowers in that they add so much life to a project. Take a Look...

We have some terrific deals on Fancy Pants and imaginisce. Looking to add some new inventory so take advantage of some Big discounts.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hambly Screen Prints

Hambly Screen Prints a new fabulous addition to our store. We have 11 transparencies in-stock. What I love about their transparencies is the thickness -great for adding as a page in an album either using a Bind-it-All, 7gypsies Binderie Punch or hand folding for a card. None of these overlay sheets goes to waste - even little pieces find a place . If you haven't tried one -I highly recommend them.

To see all the Hambly Screen Prints overlays in the store today click here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Way fun reading about everyones favorite Halloween candy- sure made me hungry though.
The winner this week is

Donna Lee Williams
"what a great giveaway! Thanks so much!
How can one pick a single favorite Halloween treat? That's like asking how to pick only one favorite glimmer mist spray!
I do love candy corn (a highly addictive substance!!) and dark chocolate."

Email me at so we can mail your scrap candy out to you.
Thanks to everyone for playing.

Wait until Sunday for an extra special treat of fun... we have a big week planned so stop by.
Here's a sneek peek.

Petaloo Flowers

New Petaloo Flowers.
These sunflowers have extremely tiny beads as centers -very nice touch.

White flowers perfect as is or.... get out your Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and have fun!

To see all the Petaloo Flowers in the store today click here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

American Crafts

American Crafts has new essential brads and buttons and boy are they great. Look at these beautiful gem brads and fall buttons.

Some pink and black must have buttons.

Cool colored glitter brads.

Gorgeous gem brads and pearls.

Copper, silver, black....brads and buttons all nice and big!

Woo I love these silver and gel looking buttons -it's not often you see unique and great priced buttons.

Some big glitter brads for Christmas!

To see all the American Crafts in the store today click here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Basic Grey Nook and Pantry

"Basic Grey captures the every day in an extraordinary way." Basic Grey describes the Nook and Pantry as a collection to find something spectacular. Whip up some beautiful layouts by blending these delectable double-sided papers together into your own creations. From experimental recipes to tried-and-true favorites, you'll stir together something fantastic with this new line. Mmmm... smells like something's cookin!

Basic Grey Take Notes printed transparencies teamed up with beautiful journaling blocks -use together or separately.
Basic Grey Brads and clear stamp.

Basic Grey Papers and Clear Stamp with nice boarders.

Basic Grey Pops for a burst of pizzazz -check out the doilies you get 2 colors on one sheet.

Basic Grey Woolies and rub-ons.

Basic Grey Clear Stamp and Chip Letters, makes me want to go put some lemon in my water.

The must have Basic Grey Olio Rub-on book.

Basic Grey Alphas!
Basic Grey Elements Sticker page and buttons.

These are the prettiest Brads around.

Basic Grey prides itself on creating innovative, value-driven, high-quality products. Simply the best-that's Basic Grey.
To see all the fabulous BasicGrey in the store today click here.