Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 Gypsies

Can you ever have enough 7gypsies?
We are loaded up at the store and are ready for ALL the newest items coming - shipping sometime in February.

7gypsies Brads - Chelsea
7gypsies Ring Dangles - Ruby

7gypsies Gaffer Tape-Measurement
7gypsies Savannah 8x8 Album Box

7gypsies Calais Rubbings - Frames
7gypsies ATC Transparencies
7gypsies Savannah Clear Stamp Alpha.

7gypsies ATC refill cards made of heavy thick kraft cardstock, perfect for heavier items - no sagging.
Lots of 7gypsies Albums.

7gypsies Brads - Chelsea
7gypsies 97% Complete Stickers-Outdoors. Who doesn't have a few of these stickers? They're classics.
7gypsies 97% Complete Stickers-Family.

7gypsies Ring Dangles - Pearl -Oh boy, jewerly for a page -when will they come out with shoes?
7gypsies Photo Carousel-index cards
7gypsies Photo Carousel-Calendar cards

7gypsies Tag Collections -2 different set with 2 cards of each design-only at BlueMoon.

Looking to see more 7gypsies....Click here.

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