Thursday, September 22, 2011

Studio490 Rubber Stamps and Art Parts

The new Studio490 Rubber Stamps and Art Parts are super fun for mixing and matching the stamps with wood.  There is so much creativity with these products - you should give them a try if you haven't dived in yet.
 Great with Golden Paint and Ranger products!
 So many fabulous Art Parts to choose from.
BlueMoon carries all the Studio490 Rubber Stamps and Art Parts - here.


Laura said...

Aren't these great, convenient for sure. I was wondering what comes in the of each cut? Or more if we're lucky!

What's the shipping rate to Canada?


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hi Laura - I just went and peeked at the Art Parts...and it looks to be each package has a different number of pieces depending on the theme - I see some have 3 and some have 8 or more :):):):):) I couldn't calculate the shipping for you though, as I don't know your postal code - when I put in Canada, it recognized my postal code as a US address, so it wouldn't calculate correctly for me... sorry about that... :):):):):):):):):):):)

Laura said...

hey, great....more than one!

My postal code is L1W 2Z3.

Thanks for all your help.

Be in touch.

BlueMoonScrapbooking said...

Hi Laura,
On the Art Parts you can get the product details by clicking on the product picture. You will get the amount of pieces in each package and a larger photo of the product.

For a shipping price to Canada: email your shopping cart and we will give you an exact shipping cost for your approval.
Thanks for asking and have a super day!

Melissa Mann said...

Awesome stuff!

Georgie Horn said...

I always enjoy your blog postings! I am tempted to spend my whole pay check at BlueMoon.