Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zoobie babies

Now we have Mom and baby Zoobies, how cute are the little ones. We have all the collection instock at


"We come from a big family of eight brothers and sisters, and I have three younger sisters. I got the idea for Zoobies because whenever we went on car trips, my sisters would grab a pillow, a blanket and a stuffed animal, and they would always pick up a stuffed animal on the vacation.

The normal stuffed animal is bought and the kid gets attached to it, and then it goes on the bed or dresser and never gets played with again. Zoobies are the first plush animal kids can use. A Zoobie Pet has a purpose — it becomes a favorite blankie, a character."


I left the initial prototypes at a day care owned by my uncle and went back a couple of days later to find that the kids had been fighting over the few I had left.

We didn’t know a whole lot about marketing, so I approached someone we knew with experience. He had his kids playing with the Zoobies and eventually came on as VP of sales.

Now, parents write in on our website to thank us, saying, “We bought this and this and this, but all the kid cares about is the Zoobie Pet, because we can put it in the car and the kid plays with it.”

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