Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm soooo excited to tell you about our silly side -Toys! Scott has been working like a dog unpacking, loading onto the computer and just plain going crazy with work getting this toy store open for you. Please. please. please go to the - and give me your impression, likes and dislikes...

We have the shopping carts and the wish list set up so you can combine your carts -that is, you can buy scrapbooking products and a toy and get the $50.00 FREE shipping. Your scrapbooking login works the same on both sites. You'll see video and large photos.

My favorite toys are these dolls by Kathe Kruse, if you've never seen her dolls they are each handmade like they were 100 years ago, the Waldorfs. They feel special and extremely soft - perfect for any little girl to love- Moms really love them too!

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Blackberry said...

Love the toy site -into my wish list went some toys. I WILL buy them soon, as I know your quality and customer service is the best. What a great idea toys!