Thursday, May 1, 2008

Memory Making Slice Machine $149.99

Hot item! For those interested in purchasing this super machine - send Scott an email to reserve. We are ordering limited quanities. We expect arrival in July.

Making Memories' new patent-pending Slice is a portable digital cutting machine that measures less than five inchessquare and weighs less than two pounds. It's simple interface and easy to read graphics window enables users to selectfrom thousands of high-style images and instantly convert them into die-cuts ranging between ½" and 4" tall.
Slice Starter Kit
kit includes: slice machine, basic shapes 1 design card, 6" x 6" glass cutting mat, 5 blades, blade replacement tool, repositional tacky adhesive and a power cord
• Fits in the palm of your hand
• Measures 5" square and weighs less than 2 pounds
• Runs independently on rechargeable battery or can be plugged in
Stylish Designs
• Exclusive shapes and designs from Noteworthy and Animal Crackers
style programs, with more to come
• Fun Basic Shape designs
Easy to Use
• User friendly interface
• Scroll through hundreds of designs with the simple push of a button
• Large 2" graphics window to preview shapes before cutting
Multiple Sizes
• Cuts designs in up to 8 sizes ranging from ½" to 4"
Multiple Media
• Cuts textured cardstock, vellum, vinyl and photos up to .5 mm thick
• Cuts anywhere on any size media

In addition, we'll have the Animal Cracker design card $39.99, plus others, as extras.

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April said...

Oh my goodness, I've been wanting to get my little paws on this masterpiece. I feel a birthday present coming, afterall my birthday is in July - great timing :)