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Card tutorial by Bibiana!

Hello Dear BlueMoon Fans:

I am thrilled to be once more a "Guest Designer" 
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I have today, this Nice lengthy Tutorial that comes....
with 3 different techniques!

1- how to make a border edge using a NON- Border edge die
2- how to use your dies as stencils (technique #1) coloring the "Embossed" areas
3- how to use your dies as stencils (technique #2) coloring the "Debossed" areas

How to make 
a "Border Edge card 
using a NON-Border edge die"! 
flower border edge card front
this is a pretty useful tutorial on how to stretch your dies and give them another use!

I used the NEW Flower "Bloomington Border" die from the NEW collection winter 2015 from "Memory Box"...this die cuts a free standing flower and I used it in my card to make a border edge card...

step 1:
first make your sandwich:
plate A+plate C + Die (ridges facing up, placing the die towards the edge of the paper) + paper (in white) + plate B
Important: the edge of plate B MUST be placed where you want to STOP the cut
(see arrow in photo, the die is placed against the edge of the white paper, you can not see it is below the white paper)
flower border edge card step 1
step 2
- When you run the sandwich through the machine ...
- This is how it should look (photo below): you should have ONLY cut half of the design of the die. Making a border edge...
- Then cut with scissors any attached parts

NOTE: You can place any die this way and you will get a half edge die cut and the other half of the die NOT cut, it stays attached to the main front card..
flower border edge card step 2
step 3
- Cut and fold in "Kraft" paper the front and base of the card (the front is smaller than the base; this is optional)

HOW TO USE YOUR DIES AS STENCILS...technique #1: Coloring the "embossed" areas
this is to make pop the details of the flower
the petals will be colored 
- Place die on top of white card stock at the edge and sponge some colors though the holes of the die
leaves in green, flower in 2 tones ("Velvet pink" and "Seedless preserves" distress inks from Tim Holtz) 
flower border edge card step 3
step 4
- Die cut with the "Crossed stitched Love" die the font again to make the sentiment (this die ONLY  cuts tiny stitched crosses to make the word LOVE) 
- place the white border edge card stock all colored on top of the front card
- die cut an extra flower and colored it and placed it on the left side of the front card

Note: See how using ONE die you can cut a separate flower and from the same die make a border edge on the card, using the NON-border edge technique...
The "petals" are in pink and the "debossed" areas are in white, when using your dies as stencils
flower border edge card step 4
HOW TO USE YOUR DIES AS STENCILS...technique #2: coloring the "debossed" areas
this technique is to make pop the "Debossed" parts of the die 
-on a draft paper (white paper just to preserve your mat)  place the die, add directly to the die some ink.
Sponge some "seedless preserves" ink DIRECTLY onto the die 
flower border edge card coloring the die directly
- die cut it; run it normally through the machine
the flower will come out with a softer color. The petals are white (original color of the card stock) and the "debossed" areas will come out with a softer color...
the technique #2  is the reverse of the technique # 1 
flower border edge card coloring the die directly result
Remember: to clean with a wipe or with soap and water the flower die and any surface that may have being in contact with the ink on your machine otherwise your next project will have some pink ink!!!

and this is the result: both stencil techniques featured on the inside of the card...
flower border edge card inside
another view of the border edge
flower border edge card side view
last view and closer view of the crossed stitched LOVE word
flower border edge card last view
I hope you give it a try...there are lots of info on this tutorial, maybe juts try one of the techniques or combine all 3 in one card as I takes time to explain but it goes faster when you do it! give it a try!

Thank you for the visit and the comments!
Hope to see you soon with another tutorial!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wow!! This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors on those flowers!!!

Tona said...

Wonderful cards! Great techniques...thanks for sharing.

KT Fit Kitty said...

Awesome technique! Two very different looks! I'd like to try it! Thank you!

Stamping With Bibiana said...

thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to leave such nice comments! bibiana