Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flower Stencil with Glass Beads Molding Paste By Bibiana

Hello Dear Stamper Friends:
I'm Bibiana and I am very honored to be here at BlueMoonScrapbooking as a Guest Designer today and share this tutorial with you all...

We are going to create this Flower Stencil Card with Glass Beads Molding Paste ...that I created using some "Memory Box" stencils, dies, stamps, inks and some "Golden" Glass Bead Gel...
Ready? Let's Start?
The supplies that you will need are shown below...
cardstock, stamps, dies, stencils, inks, daubers/sponges, glass beads molding paste/gel, spatula/knife, tape.
Work on a section at a time of the stencil.
Start by inking the LEAVES:
Step 1:
- tape a white cardstock to the table with double sided removable tape
- tape the "outline" stencil #1: "Brilliant Peony"  to the front card with small pieces of removable tape at various sections (arrows in pink) or with masking tape.
Step 2:
-place and tape with removable tape/ or masking tape the second stencil, the "background" stencil #2: "Bloom" over the stencil #1: "Brilliant Peony"
- sponge with a dauber with 3 different inks of green shades on the leaves (Tim Holtz Distress Inks: Peeled Paint; Forest Moss and  Evergreen Bough)
Step 3:
-with a sponge ("Cut-N-Dry") bring towards the center of the leaves the left over ink on top of the stencil (you are at the same time "cleaning" the stencil)
see that the Top portion of the stencil is clean, the bottom has still some ink to be worked in towards the leaves
- lift ONLY the "background" stencil #2: "Bloom" to reveal colors...
Step 4:
- With the "outline" stencil #1: "Brilliant Peony"  still in place sponge outside the leaves with some green ink
Note: remove the tape  that was on the leaves (one leaf at a time), hold the leaf while sponging with your fingers. The flower is still taped to the white card stock (see pink arrow)
Work now onto the  FLOWER,  by adding color with inks:
 Step 5:
- Place again the "background" stencil #2: "Bloom" on top, secure it
-First,  sponge with a dauber some areas within the petals with pink (Tim Holtz Distress Inks: Pickled Raspberry)
Step 6:
-Second, sponge with a dauber other areas of the petals with purple (Tim Holtz Distress Inks: Dusty Concord)
- lift to check how intense you want the colors to be... DO NOT remove the stencils
let dry the inks
Work with the molding paste: 
Step 7:
-With both stencils in place and well secured
- cover/tape with printers copy paper (or post it notes) the section of the leaves, only leaving the flower exposed
- spread over the entire flower with knife the molding paste (like icing a cake)
Step 8:
- spread the gel/molding paste all over the flower
- pick up the extra molding and bring it back to the jar with the knife...leave the surface smooth
Step 9:
-very carefully remove ALL  the tapes and the copy printer papers, discard
- lift slowly the stencils to reveal the design and immediately place the stencils in water (see step 11)
Step 10:
- let it dry overnight...
Clean the stencils:
Step 11:
-After lifting the stencils from the paper, Immediately place them in a tub with water
Step 12:
- when you will have time, clean your stencils, by placing them on top of a flat surface (in my case I use a cookie sheet)  inside the sink and scrub gently with a fingernail brush and mild hand soap,
wash the spatula as well;
Step 13:
- place flat the stencil on a paper towel and roll back and forth over the stencil the entire roll of paper towel
- the stencils and tools will look as new
Add extra elements to the card...
Step 14:
- die cut a corner flower with the "Norwich corner"
- with the paper still in place inside the die use the die as a stencil
- sponge over the stencil with green ink inside the small apertures.
Step 15:
- mat white card to another printed paper
- stamp a sentiment of your choice on the top corner with black ink
- place corner flower at the bottom
-close up of the flower corner sponged with ink
Step 16: 
- close up of the beads when dried
 Final card all finished...
I hope you have enjoy this tutorial...
you can always visit me at my YouTube channel,
at my personal blog: "Stamping with Bibiana",
My French blog for Memory Box: "Un brin de Créativité"
My Spanish blog for Memory Box: "A crear se dijo!"

We love your comments!
and until a next time!


Tona said...

Wow! What a gorgeous project!!! I love everything about it.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is beautiful!! I loveeeeeeeee the colors!!!!!!!

H.D. Campbell said...

How beautiful! Thankyou

artful-notions said...

Thank you, thank you for sharing the how-to's for this gorgeous project! Love the results, and can't wait to try it!