Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Collection

KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Collection what gorgeous stuff take a look!

KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Shadow box sized 12 x 12,
KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood12 x12 paper pads and
KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood 4.75 x 7 inch paper pads.

KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Dodwood Flowers Grand Adhesion are beautiful!
KandCompany Handmade Lace Frames is not in the Blossomwood collection, but I thought they matched perfectly.  KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Floral Charmers come 3 pieces to a pack.

Stop the press, look at these KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Butterflies!  The paper is from the 12 x12 paper pad a must have!

KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Floral Epxoy Stickers very pretty and the KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Diecuts with 65 beautiful pieces some paper and some transparencies.

KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood  Poppy Layered Accents. and KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Adhesive borders.

Another look at the butterflies and the KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood Word Grand Adhesions.

To see all the KandCompany Tim Coffee Blossomwood in the store today click here.


Kristy Hansenwi said...

Oh my -- what a lovely grouping--Wish I could reach thru my computer to see in person and touch it. KH

Anonymous said...

lovely! love the colors, the flowers, the butterflies!

silvia said...

LOVE the butterflies!!

Jocelyn said...

So pretty....love the colors...blues and browns and the flowers and butterflies...sooooo cute!!

Erika M. said...

This is a lovely collection!

Robin said...

Very different and unique colours.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collections!

rebekah said...

omg i'm loving these! i'm soo excited i must have all!!

Terry Oulboub said...

Wow, it is all gorgeous! I love K&Company!