Monday, September 14, 2009

Maya Road

Beautiful Maya Road Clear Jewel Trinket Pins -we are out of some trinket pins, but more are on the way.

We received a few Chipboard albums and look at the cute chipboard fruit!

We've added orange plus a few other Maya Road ribbons do I thought I'd shoot them again- I love these ribbons don't you?

The browns are great to add with the holiday season reds and greens, but more importantly -Fall designs! Where you live it might feel like fall, but today was in the 90"s and it was a hot one. I'd like to go somewhere where there are lots of shade trees dropping their beautiful orange leaves.

I don't have shot of the Maya Road Avocado Metallic Mist, but it's PERFECT for Christmas- a great holiday green with glimmer. I'll spray something soon and show you!
To see all the Maya Road in the store today click here.