Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zutter Bind-it-all

Zutter has its own version of the 7gypsies ATC holder. The Zutter cards are just a little bit bigger than the ATC cards.

When using the Zutter Bind-it-all you'll want Teressa Collins goodies -Look at the cool chipboard covers in black , red, pink,

We have every size and color of the Bind-It-All Wires and Teressa Collins Red and black Bracket Shape Covers.

The newest pink Bind-It-All Machine - has tons of PINK accessories you can add to it. You can get a Bind-It-All Pink Book Journal Tool Kit, Bind-It-All Pink Bag -A- Bind Tote, Bind-It-All Pink Bia Cutters and Pouch and Round-It-All Pink Corner Rounder, plus wires album covers and how about a Zutter Rivet Hole Punch w/Mat. I'm sure I'm missing something, but you get the point -lots of pink.

You get 6 Bind-It-All Wires in a package.

The Zutter Spinner Album and Zutter accessories like
Bind-It-All Craft Covers,
Bind-It-All Cream Inner Pages,
Bind-It-All Clear Acrylic Covers,
Bind-It-All Canvas Art Board Covers,
Bind-It-All Clip-Board Covers and
Bind-It-All Curved Spine Craft Cover- enough to make some fabulous books to fit your unique style. They really have thought of it ALL.

Read what Marion Smith said about the Zutter Bind-It-All on the BlueMoon Design Team Blog. Here is a video she made using the Zutter Bind-It-All.


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