Monday, April 27, 2009

Video Design Team

Did you read Sundays newsletter? Yes we are looking for a video design team. We are excited to showcase creativity through video - projects, ideas, how-to videos.... and it sounds like others are excited too. Call Scott if you are interested. He's a bit tired from moving, but the warehouse has been moved with just a few glitches. Now to organize everything-yikes. I've been home with the kids lounging around in the beautiful weather and catching glimpses of baby birds. I almost sat on this guy -if I didn't reach down to pick up the cushion to clean it off, I would have sat on him.

I didn't get a picture because the light was going down, but that same day I saw a baby Road Runner in the desert. Hard to tell it was a baby because baby Road Runners are huge like their parents. If you've never been to the desert you should consider a trip here -the wild life is unique to say the least. A good hike in the desert for nature watchers.

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