Monday, July 28, 2008

Creative Bite

A pink layout - go figure -I've always liked pink and have only used it if their were girls in my layouts. So, now I'm going crazy with pink. Purple will come next I'm sure- probably fairies! I like the purples in Kelly Panacci's collection from Sandylion. We have her 12 x 12 album shown here on order.

Their items ship a little here and there, but it's all coming. We have a lot of new items coming from CHA. Keep an eye out. Chatterbox papers came in for their new collection- doodlies are shipping later -I wish they would ship them together! When they come in, we as usual will put them under "New" -even if it's just a few doodlies.

My creative bite was inspired by Emine Pala in the April/May issue of Sumerset Magazine page 6. I had never seen this magazine before (I need to get out more) and wow, love it! The funny thing is I can barely get a chance to read it, because Elsie loves to see my reading material and you guessed it-eat it!

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Ericka said...

great LO! thx 4 the inspiration!!