Saturday, July 14, 2007


Monsoon is here or just about. That means rain and rainbows for us and good lightning storms. We shut off all the lights and open the shades to see the brilliant lightning show. You can barely see on the top photo, but there is a double rainbow, to the right. If I had a wide angle lense maybe I could have gotten the whole rainbow in the photo. It was bright and thick.

A good book my son and I just read, "Water Wishes" by Mallory Loehr. It's about siblings finding a floating green bottle in the ocean and being granted 3 wishes. We had fun talking about wishes. He said his first wish is that we would always be together. Boy I loved that wish! But I do have to tell you one of the rules of the wishes is that whatever you wish for can't be kept, so toys were out! We have reserved at the library the rest of the series. "Water Wishes" is the first volumn.

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