Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anyone for living in the desert?

It's nice for a jump in the pool-actually it's burning hot out today. This morning a long visitor came to say hello. As long as he didn't come to the door, which they usually do, I didn't mind seeing him. Not a rattler, thank goodness! Rattlers can make me jump out of my skin. This guy will just help us keep the rat population down. The bottom photos were taken this spring. A Gila Monster, love that name, was found walking around by my dog. I went to check on her when she was strangley not by the back door. Bingo, she was watching the Gila. Another, thank goodness, that she came when I screamed at her. I was very surprised that she didn't try to bite it. We usually spot Gilas during the spring and late summer. The way they blend in is crazy. I went to find it to take these pictures and when I was looking in the rocks I couldn't see it. You would think orange would stand out -when moving yes, being still, no.

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