Monday, April 9, 2007

Autumn Leaves

We made two videos of Autumn Leaves. The 1st video has all the new collections: French Twist, MOD and Foof-a-La with all their new clear stamps, package sizes are 6" x 10". The 2nd video features the 12" x 12" transparencies and the Quote Book #5. If you haven't tried the transparencies, you really should think about it. They are super fast and designs are gorgeous.
Now, for the 2nd video we did enlist a local talent agency. We asked for someone with energy and a sales background. You'll notice in this video we got what we wanted and MORE. Our son Jake was enthusiastic...and sales oriented...What a blessing to have a 6 year old on the set ! French Twist, MOD, Foof-a-La

Coming this week - Crate Paper!

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